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Sansha cloth 1/2 shoe teardrop sole


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1/2 in canvas drop sole very good price quality

numbering from a (27)   to P (41)


Mantenance cleaning 

They can be washed by hand with Marseille soap or water or with a detergent for delicate items, even in the washing machine with a short program for delicate items. Howewer, it is preferable to wash them by hand by treating the stains with a very soft brush, very effective is also the sodium bicarbonate mixed with a little water to obtain a past to be applied on the stain and to rinse after a few minutes,moreover  the bicarbonate is also very effective in eliminating bad odors: in fact it is enough to impregnate a solution of water and bicarbonate a rag and insert it inside shoe free of bad smells, it is important to let the shoe air dry and not to the sun otherwise it will fade. For any strinkage of the liner during cleaning and washing operations, dont'worry, just put it back on the foot and after a few hours of use it will return to its normal size.